I miss walking around barefoot on the dirt, on the grass, on wood, on rocks, and on leaves. It’s something about your feet being free and feeling the earth. I miss falling asleep to a starry night sky above me in my hammock. I miss up waking up to the green lush mountains around me. I miss living without walls.

I miss living with limited material possessions, living simply, taking care of the earth through practices, and creating community through kindness and openness. Maybe I loved this life because I felt the most free.

I learned how wonderful it is to live without the internet and how to go with the flow. I learned how we have to use our privilege to help those without. I learned about the importance of creativity in everyday life and how to become more creative. Next, even though I am still in the process of perfecting this weakness, I learned how to deal with feeling overwhelmed. I learned how to be vulnerable and the beauty of it. I learned how to take confidence and just fix things if I see a problem. I learned even more about prioritizing my wellness and how to better take care of my self. I learned how often times, the best experiences I have in life are those when I feel uncomfortable. I learned how life is more about the people than the place. I realized even more how amazing and beautiful people are. I learned how to slow down. I learned how traveling is a form of education.

Since the first day, we asked ourselves, did we escape reality or did we come to live in reality? We are not meant to live a stressed out life, and whatever we tell ourselves to keep on living a stressed out life are excuses because we are too afraid to say no. But it takes acceptance of failure and courage to do something new and to do what makes you feel alive. We’re often scared of the things that we’re meant to do the most. What is that makes you feel alive? If I were to sum up my experience in one sentence it would be, tepiba - taking extraordinary pleasure in being alive.

If you read this far, thank you! I hope you were able to take something out of these blogs and be able to apply it to your own life. The words I wrote here and the experiences I shared are a compilation of everyone I talked with and encountered in Panama, so thank you to you. Thank you for your smile, your words, your touch, your actions, your love, your kindness, your openness, your acceptance, and your lessons.

And as our photographer, Carter Clark, would say, onward.

Created by Jessica MarkAnthony

Bottom line:

Live simply.


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