Well, this is the area of wellness that I learned about the least. But, I learned how possible it is to be so happy with so few things. I learned how possible it is to travel the world without having a lot of money, because the kindness of strangers will bring you farther than the thickness of your wallet. Work is not about making money, work is about doing your calling and then the money will follow.

Now, I’m still a full-time student at Portland State University, living at home with my parents. Money is not the goal. If it were, I would never be happy because I would never have enough. Happiness is a state of mind, it is always there, we just have to choose it. And what’s the point of working to retire well? What crazy things can I do when I am old that I can’t do now? I won’t be able to climb rocks, be as flexible, travel as long, run as long, surf as long, ski as long, or backpack as long. What if I don’t even live till retirement age? Live life now, like it is your last day, last week, last month, last year. For some actual financial advice, make an appointment with a financial advisor at your bank, or just walk in and ask :)